Sharon L. Michaels

Mary Jane Carvel Foundation Trustee, Sharon L. Michaels

Sharon L. Michaels


Sharon L. Michaels, attorney at law, owns her own law firm and is a past president of both the Harris County Bar and the Lawyer Referral Service. She began her own firm in 1984 and has now been in private practice for a period of almost forty years.

She graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism with honors and received her law degree from the University of Houston, graduating magna cum laude.

Licensed in Texas in 1983, she is also admitted to practice before the United States District Court, the Southern District of Texas. The First Court of Appeals selected her as a briefing attorney after her admittance to the bar.

Her longtime client, Mary Jane Carvel, provided in her will that her animal-care non-profit organization be continued and that it be the primary beneficiary of her will, naming Sharon as the trustee of the non-profit that is now known as the Mary Jane Carvel Foundation.

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