Animal Protection & Organization

One woman’s mission to protect animals that could not protect themselves and support the organizations focused on helping those animals is now a reality.

“Learn more about Mary Jane Carvel and the foundation she inspired and discover how you can save lives” 

Mary Jane Carvel with Dogs

Mary Jane Carvel (b. 1920) was a successful business woman with a vision to provide sanctuary for the mistreated and abandoned animals of Houston and the surrounding areas. Her original plan began with a small dog rescue. Once established it served in assisting numerous abandoned and feral dogs and cats.

After Mary’s death in 2010, the Mary Jane Carvel Foundation was established to expand on her vision of support for animals in need. Today her foundation spreads animal cruelty awareness as well as providing financial aid to agencies directly engaged in caring for animals in need.

Too many animals are beaten, starved, dumped, killed and allowed to procreate a new generation of animals who suffer the same fate.

The Mary Jane Carvel Foundation’s mission is to prevent this cruelty, starvation and mistreatment, and to work with other organizations who aspire to the same goals.

-MJCF Board of Directors 

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