Beverly Arnold

Beverly Arnold

Board Member

My Interest in The Animal Welfare:

The human animal bond is very heart warming.
All different types of domestic animals bring such love and joy to humans.
I have had the opportunity to visually see up close and personally and hear testimonial of their love and joy for their pets.
Love of pets is a deep human spirit.
Watching the reaction between pets and a human person (owner or family member) brings a lot of joy to other humans.

The Animal Welfare Charities will furnish support to the owners of pets,
that need providing care for their pets.
Pets do not have a voice in asking for care.
But!!! The pets owners can ask for help!
Animal Welfare Care will be there for assistance.

My Experiencing in Volunteering:

My volunteering started back in the 1990’s, when I was working for an oil & gas company. When a colleague of mine at work asks me if I would help at the Astro’s Memorial weekend 5K run. The money from the 5K run was used to help sponsor inner city programs that the Astro’s players wife’s sponsors.
After that event is how I started volunteering for all kinds of important charities events and 5K runs.
5K runs, French Consulate, Daughters of the British Empire, All Star Base Ball, two Super Bowls, March Madness (NCCA College Basketball), Chevron Marathon, US Men’s Clay Tennis Tournament, wine tastings, tequilas tasting, galas (JDRF, Susan B. Komen, Aids etc.) etc. etc.
Supporting charities that help the needs of the communities and the needs of society.
Helping any charity for their cause is rewarding.

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