Beverly Arnold

Beverly Arnold

Board Secretary

Beverly Arnold has held a lifelong interest in animal welfare, regarding the human-animal bond as heart warming and believing that all types of domestic animal bring love and joy to humans. She says love of pets is a deep human spirit and watching the reaction between pets and humans brings a lot of joy to other people.

An avid Houston Astros fan, she loves baseball generally and lists her other favorite entertainment as a trip to Cirque du Soleil. Among the institutions for whom she has worked during her career are companies involved in the oil-and-gas and engineering fields, as well as in investment and manufacturing.

Her volunteering started in the 1990s, when she was working for an oil-and-gas company and a colleague asked if she would help at the Houston Astros Memorial weekend 5K run, which raised money to help sponsor inner-city programs sponsored by the Astros players’ wives.

Soon, Beverly was involved not just in the 5K runs but also events organized by Houston’s French Consulate and Daughters of the British Empire, as well as All Star Baseball, two Super Bowls, March Madness NCCA college basketball and the Chevron Marathon, US Men’s Clay Tennis Tournament.

Away from sports fields, she has helped raise funds at wine and tequila tastings and galas for diabetes research nonprofit JDRF, Susan G. Komen breast-cancer foundation and Aids charities, to name just a few.

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