Joe Edd Nelson

Mary Jane Carvel Foundation President, Joe Edd Nelson

Joe Edd Nelson


Native Houstonian and a proud Texan. He is a graduate of San Jacinto College and The Art Institute of Houston. He has backgrounds in Architecture, Interior Design, Art, Marine and Offshore Drilling Rig Design, Computer Training, and Multimedia. He has worked for PPG Industries in Houston, and Marine Engineering Companies in Houston. He worked for Marathon LeTourneau Offshore Marine where he was trained to work on mainframe computers designing offshore Drilling Oil Platforms. He specialized in the development of deck arrangements and living
quarters. He worked for Grumman Aerospace designing various projects for the United States Government and the
Military. He worked for GDS Engineers where he was trained to work on personal computers using AutoCAD software. His primary function was doing Petro-chemical design projects, Electrical Diagrams, Mechanical and Structural Layouts. Joe opened his own business on Galveston Island. The business was located on the historic Strand in the Sealy-Hutchins Building. The business remained open in Galveston for three years until he decided to move it to the Clear Lake Area. The business was open for another three years until it became too much to handle and he decided that it was time to close. Both locations specialized in Artist’s Originals, Antiques, Victorian Reproduction Lighting and Neon. In 1997, Joe went back to school and attended The Art Institute of Houston where he majored in Multimedia. He graduated from The Art Institute of Houston in 1999.

Throughout his career he has been privileged to join many organizations that promote public awareness of the Arts,
International Relations and Historic Preservation. He is a Lifetime Member of the ELISSA Foundation and The Texas Seaport Museum on Galveston Island and a longtime supporter of The Galveston Historical Foundation. He is a member of the Wildflower Center in Austin, Lifetime Member of the National Home Gardening Club, Sponsor of the Gilbert and Sullivan Society Houston and a committee member for the Houston Botanic Garden. Joe is a longtime member of the Australian American Chamber of Commerce and the British American Business Council. He promotes and supports many other organizations in Houston, Galveston and Austin, Texas.

More recent, Joe is on the board of the Hobby Area Management District, Vice President of the Hobby Area Improvement Corporation, Executive Secretary of the Houston Club Board, Vice President of the Bay Area Harbour Playhouse, Executive Secretary for the Sister Cities of Houston Board, Membership Director for the Houston Aberdeen Association and the San Jacinto Battleground Conservancy. He is also the Houston Business Development Director for the World Sky Race, an around the world race consisting of all airships. The race begins at the Prime Meridian in Greenwich England on September 2021 and after 180 days will finish upon landing on the front lawn of the Palace of Versailles in France. Millions of people will be witness to this Historic event!

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